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My friend said that after unprotected sex she’d use liquid and set salt toward liquid

My friend said that after unprotected sex she’d use liquid and set salt toward liquid


Pupils, especially women, stated using low-pharmaceuticals once the kinds of contraceptives. These types of lady described the way they keeps sometimes utilized or heard of liquids, salt, and squats since the different contraceptives.

.. Yes, that is what she told you (you to she utilized drinking water and you will sodium just after gender), and you will this woman is a health college student (therefore lending credence to that particular approach). (Lady FGD)

Towards liquids, once you takes regarding the 29 centiliters of drinking water, as time passes the truth is brand new urine. In the long run, you will see they (semen) on the jeans. (Lady FGD)

Only settle down, at the conclusion of it (intercourse), thoughts is broken right up, you simply look at the bathroom so you’re able to squat having thirty minutes are pushing it just like you is actually peeing. While observe that they (semen) is on its way on its very own without the need for contraceptives. Your squat; after you squat, you push it when you find yourself trying to push anything with push. Stay truth be told there (about position) getting half an hour, brand new sperm (semen) will surely come-out. (Female FGD)

Pure and you may Modern Contraceptives

Finally, participants said withdrawal, condoms, postinor (a common disaster birth prevention from inside the Nigeria), together with calendar strategy due to the fact other types off contraceptives. Both commonest kinds of modern contraceptives one of professionals was in fact condoms and you may disaster contraception pills when you find yourself schedule and withdrawal actions had been the newest one or two commonest forms of absolute actions.

Birth-control Preference

Even in the event players revealed different methods of birth-control, they emphasized its tastes for detachment, safe months (diary means), and you can crisis contraceptives in lieu of condoms. For example, student people reported that they generally had gender in the place of condoms just like the the lover may no expanded want to consider sex in case your men went seeking condoms just before sex.

When the anointing drops (sexual urge), you employ the brand new withdrawal approach since your lover might no extended enter the feeling by the time your get back immediately following supposed off to pick a good condom. (Men FGD).

Your own safe days, the fresh pure means it is simply about how to discover your own monthly period cycle; if you find yourself safe and while not safe. So, when the condom is not indeed there, you can use your safe months. (People FGD)

Also, healthcare company showcased the latest preferential access to specific contraceptives from the their website subscribers. As an instance, a beneficial pharmacist mentioned how single people well-known to use crisis contraceptives more other forms of contemporary contraceptives.

Unmarried ones, adolescents, commonly also bothered on contraceptives; he could be just wanting these types of very first-line of these to quit pregnancies. They will not desire any pupils just yet… Very, they simply prefer the instant of these like the levonorgestrel, this new postinor (crisis contraceptives). It bring can they know that they are safer (Pharmacist step 1)


Generally, players (males and females) was basically reluctant to use condoms. Condom is preferred visit relating to casual or transactional intercourse in the place of a committed and monogamous dating. Occasionally, females exactly who did not believe their boyfriends manage put off to make use of condoms up until they were both checked out for several STIs.

Whenever my boyfriend was in Port Harcourt, he said he desired to take action intense (features non-safe sex) and feel the impact. “I informed him for this nights ‘why don’t we fool around with an excellent condom and you can the next day we can go to the hospital as I am cautious. We could look at the healthcare and you may perform the expected test and following result is out, we could carry out rather than condoms.” He concurred and said nothing wrong. (Girls FGD)

You will find never ever put condoms ahead of though I was using my boyfriend for around 8 many years, and you will We have perhaps not obtained an infection…. However,, he’s very careful; the guy spends condoms with each most other lady. (Ladies FGD)

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