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With the new AD333 TOUR, Srixon has focused on developing a tour-caliber golf ball in a lower-compression design that helps moderate swing speed golfers achieve more distance on full shots, while maintaining the excellent feel and greenside spin performance of its Z-STAR® series offerings.

It was designed especially for skilled golfers with moderate speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour ball; the lower compression allows these players to achieve optimal distance on full shots. Golfers can expect the AD333 TOUR to deliver exceptional total performance from tee-to-green, including tremendous iron distance and tour-level greenside spin control.

Michael Ross, Senior Product Manager for Golf Balls, said: “The AD333 TOUR was designed primarily for good players with moderate swing speeds. The problem we identified is that these golfers aren’t optimising their performance by playing a high-compression tour ball because they aren’t able to compress it, so they end up sacrificing distance off the tee and with their irons.”

“These golfers don’t need to play a high-compression tour ball just so they have the excellent greenside spin performance that they’re used to. They would benefit greatly from playing a ball that offers the same great greenside performance but is easier to compress. That’s why we developed the lower-compression Srixon AD333 TOUR.”

Srixon AD333 Tour Golf Balls: Reviewed

Designed for skilled golfers with moderate swing speeds who want the performance and feel of a tour ball. A lower compression lets golfers achieve optimal distance on full shots, while a urethane cover and Spin Skin (like Srixon’s Z-Star) generates spin and control.

A tour ball that’s optimised for average swing speeds, and unlike some the AD333 Tour’s not gone chasing low compression at all costs. A 72 compression means the Tour feels firm enough with a driver and irons, but soft enough to offer excellent feedback within the short game and on the green. It’s no slouch when it comes to distance, either, recording a carry distance within five yards of the longest on test (the distance-orientated Titleist Velocity). Feels great of a wedge, though spin was a little down.


3A, 4A, 5A


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